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Peace, Be Still


  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 1995
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Whatever storm may be brewing in the midst of your life can be calmed by fixing our eyes upon Jesus. These beautiful arrangements will calm your spirit and produce an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home. Take a moment to rest in the peace of Jesus as you enjoy these medleys featuring the beauty of harp and flute.

  1. Rest
  2. Following
  3. Glory of the Cross
  4. Trusting
  5. Drawing Near
  6. Looking Unto Jesus
  7. A Pure Vessel
  8. Quiet Worship
  9. God’s Love
  10. Christ–Likeness
  11. Fellowship
  12. Mercy of the Cross
  13. Abiding in Christ
  14. True Peace

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