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Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum: Loyalty


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The Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum is designed to help you teach character with a focus on God’s Word and applying His ways in everyday decisions. Each booklet defines the featured character quality, examines related Scripture, offers practical application, presents a hymn and its history, and includes four lessons — each containing Bible story questions, a coloring page, a memory verse, and a related activity.

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The loyalty booklet includes four lessons that illustrate how God enables us to be loyal:

  1. Serve My Family and Teachers features the story of Ruth choosing to remain with Naomi.
  2. Avoid Mocking My Authorities features the story of Elisha being mocked by young people.
  3. Encourage Others in Difficult Times features the story of Jonathan encouraging his friend David.
  4. Keep My Commitments features the story of Paul’s committed life.

Learning loyalty helps children understand that it is God Who enables us during difficult times to keep our commitments for the cause of Christ.

If you have any questions on using the material or would like more information on the character calendar or curriculum, please email us at [email protected].

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