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The Life Series Workbook


  • Format: Softcover
  • Length: 124 pages

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We know that faith, hope, and love are at the foundation of a relationship with Christ, but how well could we explain or discuss those concepts to a fellow Christian or even an unbeliever? Most of us may know a technical definition or recite a relating scripture passage, but how are we to bridge the gap between what we know in our minds to cultivating faith, hope and love in our lives?

Designed for group or personal study, The Life Series Workbook will help you discover the faith, hope, and love from God’s perspective in a far deeper way than you ever imagined. This workbook is meant to be used alongside The Life Series video study and features three ways to study each concept: fill-in-the-blanks to solidify powerful truths during the video presentation, thought-stimulating questions and cross-reference Scriptures that prompt group discussion, and a “Reflect & Respond” section which aids in personal study.

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