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Why the Conservative Mind Matters

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  • Age Level: Youth and Adults
  • Format: Softcover
  • Length: 246 pages
  • Publisher: Higher Standard Publishers, 2008
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-61523-230-0
  • Dimensions: 8 1/2″, 5 1/2″, 1/2″

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A collaboration of essays representing the best among current conservative thinkers of every racial and economic origin on how to preserve what is best about America.

Authors are:
Bill Owens, J. Kenneth Blackwell, Tracy Brown, Paul Cameron, Charles Colson, William J. Federer, William F. High, Eddward T.Holliday, Andrew Jackson, Alveda C. King with Elizabeth Stoner, James Linzey, Nina May, Bradley Mattes, D. Wilson Nance, Dean Nelson, William Owens, Jr., Tony Perkins and Chuck Donovan, Dr. Pearl Porter, and Fred Wehba.

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