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Rebuilder’s Guide


  • Format: Softcover
  • Length: 251 pages
  • ISBN: 09-1688-06-1

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The Rebuilder’s Guide provides solid footings to those who have failed in their marriages and are seeking to build afresh God’s way that which human love alone could not sustain.

A detailed listing of the topics in this book is as follows:

1. Rebuilding a Heart That Seeks God

  • Evaluating my true motives
  • Spending time daily in God’s Word
  • Learning who God really is
  • Entering into the resurrection power of Christ
  • Being consistent when we do not feel like it
  • Honoring the Lord’s Day

2. Rebuilding a Commitment to God’s Design for Marriage

  • How marriage illustrates God’s relationship with Israel
  • How marriage illustrates redemption
  • How marriage illustrates Christ’s relationship with the Church
  • How marriage illustrates a believer’s relationship to law
  • Applying Scriptural principles to 22 marriage questions
  • Special rewards on the “exception clause”

3. Rebuilding a Clear Conscience and a Forgiving Spirit

  • Evidences of guilt
  • Causes of guilt
  • Steps to remove guilt
  • Evidences of bitterness
  • Causes of bitterness
  • Steps to overcome bitterness

4. Rebuilding Your Marriage

  • The starting point for rebuilding
  • Prerequisites for praying a “hedge of thorns”
  • The prayer to bind Satan and build a “hedge of thorns”
  • What will happen when you pray this prayer
  • Six essential steps after praying for a “hedge of thorns”
  • Seven basic principles to build into the life of your partner
  • Steps to take if your partner continues to be rebellious
  • When your partner returns

5. Rebuilding a Learning Relationship With Your Children

  • See the vision
  • Check your motives
  • Expect barriers
  • Identify goals
  • Organize content
  • Establish accountability
  • Concentrate on building character
  • Learning resources

6. Rebuilding Past Failures Into a New Life Message

  • What is a life message?
  • Basic chapters of my life message
  • Five basic parts of an effective “chapter”
  • The neglected truth of most life messages
  • The wisdom of God’s limitation on a remarried person
  • How to transform painful memories
  • No matter how great you failure
  • Basic guidelines in writing a life message
  • How a life message can be more fulfilling than remarriage
  • Important guidelines on using the gift of singleness

7. Rebuilding the Damaged Marriages of Others

  • Begin through the church
  • Important church policies on marriages
  • Consequences when divorced people are remarried
  • Basic guidelines in talking to a friend who wants to get divorced or remarried
  • Learn how to ask precise questions
  • Consequences when a wife initiates a divorce
  • Consequences when a husband initiates a divorce

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