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Master Plan Business Seminar (CD)

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  • Format: 4 CD Set
  • Length: combined total of 3 hrs 28 minutes
  • Publisher: Master Plan Business Ministries

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Steve Dulin, a keynote speaker at the 2011 ATI Conferences is back, revealing the Biblical principles that enabled his construction business to complete 2,500 construction jobs over a 20 year period with no deadlines missed, no bills unpaid, and no borrowing. Discover the deep truths that will transform not only your business, but also your marriage, family, and ministry as you apply these principles to your life!

The MasterPlan Business Seminar, a complete 4 CD set, contains over three hours of instruction and motivation!

Sessions in Seminar Include:

  1. God’s Ways Work in Business
  2. Ten Ways to Prosper Your Business
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  3. God’s Master Plan to Conquer Land/Marketing God’s Way
  4. Sabbatical and Q&A

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