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Legacy of Faith: Larry Guthrie


  • Length: 154 minutes
  • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2020

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From the streets of Moscow to the wilderness of northern Wisconsin, witness the powerful testimony of one who discovered the futility of his own ways and the power of God’s ways. Though many recognize him as a gifted speaker and engaging instructor, Larry revisits the tremendous struggles that motivated him to become a “triumphant” individual. His story vividly illustrates our tendency to achieve significance through mere human effort — but heralds where true and lasting significance can be found.


This series features 4 episodes:

  • From My “Umph” to God’s Triumph: Part 1
    “Triumph is merely ‘try’ followed by a little ‘umph.’” These words described Larry Guthrie in his high school yearbook, a tribute to his ambitious nature. Although his drive produced some impressive results, Larry sensed God calling him to a life greater than the one he had made for himself. This started a chain of events that turned his world upside down.
  • From My “Umph” to God’s Triumph: Part 2
    Following the dramatic events that took place after surrendering his life to the Lord, Larry found himself wondering what to do next. His new beginning was a humbling one, as his earthly successes were stripped away. But through the doors God opened, Larry began to receive significant opportunities to touch lives around the world with the truths of eternity.
  • Lessons of God’s Faithfulness: Part 1
    When hundreds of parents planned to bring their children to an international seminar, Larry & Lois Guthrie were called upon to develop a children’s program to complement the adult seminar. Their efforts eventually became the Children’s Institute, a program that has impacted thousands of children all over the world.
  • Lessons of God’s Faithfulness: Part 2
    In more recent years, Larry & Lois Guthrie have walked through several significant adversities. Although these seasons have been difficult to endure, the Guthries testify of God’s incredible work in the midst of trials and the fruit that results when lives are yielded to His faithful care.

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