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Far Above Rubies Set


  • Age Level: Young Ladies Aged 8-15
  • Format: Shrinkwrapped set of 24 booklets
  • Publisher: IBLP
  • Dimensions: 11″ H x 8.5″ W x 1.5″ TH

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Far Above Rubies is an academic series based off of Proverbs 31:10: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” It has been designed to combine areas of study into a practical training sequence for girls aged eight to fifteen. Far Above Rubies is not just a course—it is a tool to assist families in implementing a new approach to life. These booklets should be completed under the guidance of mothers and the assistance of all family members.

Each of the 24 booklets is based on a verse from Proverbs 31, a basic principle, two character qualities, and a hymn. Following the example in Luke 2:52, these topics—along with testimonies, historical biographies, stories from Scripture, and more—are divided into four “resources”: Wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man.

Projects for each resource are divided into three levels to provide varying ranges of challenges for young ladies working through the booklets. Level I contains projects for ages eight to fifteen, Level II is for ages eleven to fifteen, and Level III is for ages fourteen to fifteen. Each activity, story, and project has been designed to further develop the character and skills of a virtuous woman.

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