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Commands of Christ Calendar 2022


  • Format: Calendar
  • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2021

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The commands Jesus gave us during His time on earth are a powerful way to understand His heart for us, and His heart for true discipleship among all peoples. This calendar provides a daily reminder to meditate on the written Word, so that we can fellowship with the living Word, Jesus Christ.

Each month of the Commands of Christ Calendar contains:

  • Command of Christ: The passage where Jesus gave the command
  • Nature of God: How the command connects to one of the names of God or and aspect of His nature
  • Revealed in Jesus: How we see the command illustrated in the person of Jesus Christ

This year’s commands are:

  • Abide in Me
  • Repent
  • Follow Me
  • Rejoice
  • Let Your Light Shine
  • Honour God’s Law
  • Be Reconciled
  • Do Not Lust
  • Keep Your Word
  • Go the Second Mile
  • Love Your Enemies
  • Be Perfect

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