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Children’s Songs: A Collection of Children’s Institute Classics


  • Format: 2 Disk Audio CD Set
  • Length: 86 minutes
  • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2011
  • Dimensions: 5 3/4″, 5″, 1/2″

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The life-changing material of the Children’s Institute has impacted more than 90,000 children as they’ve learned Biblical principles in applicable, fun and memorable ways. This CD set includes classic favorites written by the Children’s Institute. As the Children’s Institute outreach broadens, its purposes remain constant: to turn the hearts of children toward their parents and to assist parents in building strong families.

These sing-along songs with piano accompaniment tracks are perfect for use in VBS-style children’s programs, extended children’s ministry, or at home!


Track Titles

Volume 1

  1. One of a Kind (The Ten Unchangeables)
  2. One of a Kind (The Ten Unchangeables) Accompaniment
  3. The Umbrella Song
  4. The Umbrella Song Accompaniment
  5. The Patience Song
  6. The Patience Song Accompaniment
  7. The Smile Song
  8. The Smile Song Accompaniment
  9. Jubilate Deo
  10. Jubilate Deo Accompaniment
  11. The Bubble Song
  12. The Bubble Song Accompaniment
  13. Stand Alone
  14. Stand Alone Accompaniment
  15. That I May Know Him
  16. That I May Know Him Accompaniment
  17. The Clay and the Potter
  18. The Clay and the Potter Accompaniment
  19. The Parachute Song
  20. The Parachute Song Accompaniment
  21. The Boomerang Song
  22. The Boomerang Song Accompaniment
  23. When Jesus Came
  24. When Jesus Came Accompaniment

Running time: 41 minutes

Volume 2

  1. Creation Song
  2. Creation Song Accompaniment
  3. Telling the Truth
  4. Telling the Truth Accompaniment
  5. The Light of the World
  6. The Light of the World Accompaniment
  7. God of the Impossible
  8. God of the Impossible Accompaniment
  9. Giving All Around
  10. Giving All Around Accompaniment
  11. The Armor of God
  12. The Armor of God Accompaniment
  13. Bright Arrows
  14. Bright Arrows Accompaniment
  15. A New Perspective
  16. A New Perspective Accompaniment
  17. The Hat Song
  18. The Hat Song Accompaniment
  19. That Which Heaven Treasures
  20. That Which Heaven Treasures Accompaniment

Running time: 45 minutes

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