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Best Messages of 2012 (DVD)


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In this powerful two volume DVD message set, you will hear the answer to one of the most life-changing questions: “Why would you want to waste your life doing something great for God when He calls you to do impossible things for Him?” This year’s Regional Conferences were not only impacting to those who attended, but promise to be life-changing to anyone who listens to the messages. This classic volume is packed with truth proclaimed by credible messengers giving lasting answers to the challenges of our day. This set is a must for every family who desires to see the reality that with God nothing shall be impossible!

Gil and Kelly Bates Gil and Kelly Bates

  • Experiencing the Power of Faith (70 min)
Dan Brown Dan Brown

  • Why are We to Watch for Christ’s Return? (43 min)
  • The Bride: Living in Holy Anticipation (43 min)
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

  • How God Can Use Imperfect Families (41 min)
  • Pursuing a Dynamic Marriage (71 min)
Bill Federer Bill Federer

  • Understanding the Times in Which We Live (73 min)
  • Impossible Events That Turned the Course of History (58 min)
David Gibbs, Jr. David Gibbs, Jr.

  • How to Do the Impossible (54 min)
  • David – A Man After God’s Own Heart (71 min)
  • God Will Make a Way (58 min)
  • Living on the Edge (44 min)
Tom Harmon Tom Harmon

  • The Weapon of Wonder (80 min)
  • When Knowledge Is Dangerous (66 min)
  • The Biggest Weapon in Your Arsenal (64 min)
Chris Hogan Chris Hogan

  • Eight Factors of Being Relatable (37 min)
  • Discovering Your Niche: Preparing Your Children to Succeed in their Niche (48 min)
  • Challenges Are God’s Preparation for Success (43 min)
Roger Magnuson Roger Magnuson

  • A Lawyer’s Wisdom on How to Live a Godly Life (49 min)
  • How to Engraft Rhemas Into Our Hearts and Souls (43 min)
Dr. Jobe Martin Dr. Jobe Martin

  • A Hidden Agenda Behind Evolution (73 min)
  • Preparing Our Children for the Battle and the Future (59 min)
Ken Pierpont Ken Pierpont

  • Agents of the “Impossible” (43 min)
  • The Great Cloud of Witnesses Who Have Done the Impossible (43 min)
Jim Sammons Jim Sammons

  • Learning the Fear of the Lord (34 min)
Dr. Jim Schettler Dr. Jim Schettler

  • The Lord, the Lad, and the Lunch (48 min)
  • The Freedom of Faith (43 min)
  • Powerful Lessons From the Life of Ahithophel (53 min)
Paul and Jenny Speed Paul and Jenny Speed

  • Freeing Yourself to Serve the Lord and Others (45 min)
  • Maintaining Our Number–One Priority (66 min)
Doug Small Doug Small

  • Biblical Keys to Experience God’s Power (55 min)
  • The Freedom of Faith (43 min)
  • The Formula That Healed the City (56 min)


BONUS CD! Dr. Jobe Martin: Incredible Creatures That Proclaim Creation From Madagascar to the Amazon (52 min)

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33 DVD Set; 33 messages; combined total of 29 hours and 47 minutes!

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IBLP, 2012

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