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Best Messages of 2011 (DVD)


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The unprecedented opportunities and challenges of this time in history make the topics at the 2011 IBLP Regional Conferences more important and applicable than ever. This year we focused on being a successful provider with the theme On to Victory With Kingdom Wealth. Also included are many other topics for your encouragement and exhortation, with sessions by David Stelzl, Tom Harmon, Chris Hogan, Don Richardson, Gil and Kelly Bates, and many more!

Gil and Kelly Bates Gil and Kelly Bates

  • The One Mistake That Families Cannot Afford to Make (55 min)
  • Vital Truthes We Wish We Would Have Known Before Marriage (71 min)
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

  • Our Spiritual Journey (48 min)
Steve Dulin Steve Dulin

  • How to Apply ATI (58 min)
  • How to Put Everything Under God’s Control (58 min)
Rick Grubbs Rick Grubbs

  • Living with an Eternal Focus –previously titled: Considering the Latter End– (56min)
  • Overcoming Procrastination (51 min)
Tom Harmon Tom Harmon

  • Join the Few Who Finish Strong (50 min)
  • Powerful Lessons From the Life of Balaam (68 min)
  • The Rewards of Serving God and the Pain of Loving Money (58 min)
Tom Hill Tom Hill

  • The Principles of Successful Negotiating (53 min)
Chris Hogan Chris Hogan

  • A Breakthrough in Resolving Deep–Seated Wounds (57 min)
Roger Magnuson Roger Magnuson

  • How to Recognize and Conquer the Giant That Roars Against Your Resources (34 min)
  • Painful Penalties for Presumptous Practices (51 min)
Ken Pierpont Ken Pierpont

  • The Exciting Potential of Being a Sower
    • Part I (59 min)
    • Part II (69 min)
  • The Power of Storytelling
    • Part I (44 min)
    • Part II (69 min)
Don Richardson Don Richardson

  • The Blesser Franchise From Abraham to Us (71 min)
  • Cultural compasses That Point Mankind to Jesus (83 min)
  • Stories of Redemption (52 min)
Paul and Jenny Speed Paul and Jenny Speed

  • Breaking the Power of Sin (43 min)
Dave Stelzl Dave Stelzl

  • Breaking the Mind–Set That Hinders True Prosperity(59 min)
  • How to Build a Business as a Fifteen–Year–Old (64 min)


BONUS CD! Roy LeTourneau: Why God Prospered My Dad’s Business (10 min)

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25 DVD Set; 25 messages

IBLP, 2011

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