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Best Messages of 2010 (DVD)


  • Format: 25 DVD Set
  • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2010

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This set includes dynamic messages by various speakers including Tom Harmon, Roger Magnuson, Phil Downer, Steve Dulin, and Jim Sammons. Families around the world discovered primary causes of marriage and family collapse, learned God’s purpose for a “one-accord family”, and discovered new and exciting ways to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. As you listen to these messages, you and your family can gain a whole new perspective on how to enter, enjoy, and excel in God’s Kingdom.

Gil and Kelly Bates Gil Bates

Anna Downer Anna Downer

  • The Godly Discipling Young Person
  • What Every Son and Daughter Need Most From Their Parents (47 min.)
Phil Downer Phil Downer

  • Changing the World Through Discipleship
  • Training Your Children to be Disciple Makers
  • Dynamic Discipleship as a Couple and Family
  • From Defeat to Victory Through the Healing of Discipleship
Jim Bob Duggar Jim Bob Duggar

  • The Lessons We Learned Through the Birth of Josie (35 min.)
Tom Harmon Tom Harmon

  • How to Redeem Time by Relating it to Eternity
  • Seven Steps to Embrace the Word of God
  • You Can Make Choices, but you Cannot Choose Consequences
Chris & Anne Hogan Chris & Anne Hogan

  • Navigating Nine Levels of Understanding—Chris Hogan
  • The Vision of ATI: Raising Sons and Daughters Who are Mighty in Spirit—Chris & Anne Hogan) (56 min.)
  • Developing Your Home Into a Ministry Center—Anne Hogan (23 min.)
Kim Leith Kim Leith

  • Making Wisdom Booklets Dynamic (61 min.)
Jim Logan Jim Logan

  • God’s Blueprint for a Successful Dad from His Requirements of a Priest in Israel
  • How to Handle Worry and Anxiety Biblically
  • The Vital Importance of the Secret Place for Spiritual Success
Roger Magnuson Roger Magnuson

  • The Joyful Race to Rewards with a Cheering Crowd of Revilers (69 min.)
  • How to Conquer the Tyranny of the Urgent (56 min.)
Jim Sammons Jim Sammons

  • Revealing Blind Spots (39 min.)
Paul and Jenny Speed Paul and Jenny Speed

  • Marital Oneness: God’s Goal for Marriage—Paul & Jenny Speed
  • Fulfilling Your Destiny by Answering Three Questions—Paul & Jenny Speed
  • Lessons Learned From a Prodigal—Jenny Speed
Don Staddon Don Staddon

  • Home-Educating Through High School and College


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