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Best Messages of 2009 (DVD)

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  • Format: 28 DVD Set; 28 messages
  • Length: combined total of 22 hours and 48 minutes!
  • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2009

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Every year, many families attending the ATI Regional Conferences exclaim, “This has been the best conference yet!” The 2009 season was no exception. One father stated, “Of all the Regional Conferences that I have been to, this has been the most life-changing one!”

The theme was “Life Purpose with Power to Win!” Those who came paid a price to be there, but they were rewarded with valuable truths that can benefit their families for the rest of their lives. The best of these messages, given by a variety of speakers, have been selected and are available for your benefit as well!

Success in life and power for living occur as we are conformed more and more to the image of Christ. By applying the Biblical truths found in these messages, you and your family can experience God’s power for victory!


David Barton David Barton

Gil and Kelly Bates Gil and Kelly Bates

Jon Burnham Jon Burnham

  • The Power of Creativity in Presenting the Gospel (45 min)
Dr. Karl Coke Dr. Karl Coke

  • The Biblical Basis for the Lord’s Table in the Home (48 min)
  • The God of Choices- With Consequences (48 min)
Cooper Dauer Cooper Dauer

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Bill Federer Bill Federer

  • Endangered Speeches (71 min)
  • The Forgotten Keys to True Success (87 min)
Phil Garvin Phil Garvin

  • Seven Questions that Lead to Eternal Life (12 min)
Steve Green Steve Green

  • Sharing Life Purpose Health with Thousands of Employees (18 min)
Larry Guthrie Larry Guthrie

  • Principles of Hospitality (36min)
  • Secrets for the Race from the Wings of an Eagle (43 min)
Tom Harmon Tom Harmon

Chris Hogan Chris Hogan

  • How to Have Supper with Jesus -Part 2 (52 min)
  • How to Teach Wise Decision-Making to Your Family (63 min)
  • Seeing the Bigger Vision of ATI (73 min)
Otto Koning Otto Koning

  • Winning the Race Without the Weight of Pineapples (45 min)
Jim Logan

  • Conquering the Root of Strongholds-Lies (45 min)
Roger Magnuson Roger Magnuson

  • Time for Men to Lead the Race for Victory (42 min)
  • What the Righteous Can Do When the Moral Foundations are Destroyed (57 min)
  • BONUS! Time for Men to Lead the Race for Victory CD (42 min)
Joel Robbins Joel Robbins

  • How Stress Causes Diseases (27 min)
Jim Sammons Jim Sammons

  • Causes and Cures of Financial Stress (49 min)
Paul and Jenny Speed Paul and Jenny Speed

  • Identifying the Lies that Cause Us to Lose the Race (70 min)
Joel Troyer Joel Troyer

  • How to Have a Supper with Jesus -Part 1 (28 min)


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