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Otto Koning Book Series

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  • Format: 5 Hardcovers
  • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2019

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Presented in the same illustrated format as the original Pineapple Story book, this new collection follows the adventures of former missionary Otto Koning. Beginning with his childhood, this set of books describes the events that led up to Otto’s conversion, how he eventually reached the mission field, and the memorable experiences he encountered while in New Guinea. Each storybook contains a powerful spiritual lesson, and is an excellent resource for the whole family.

  • The Dutch Boy Story: During the rage of World War II when Holland was blasted by air raid bombs, a little Dutch boy hid in a bomb shelter, trembling in fear. Knowing he could die at any moment, he longed to know how he could get to heaven. What he came to find began a transformation that would affect people and tribes on the other side of the world!
  • The Kidnapping Story: When Otto Koning journeyed to New Guinea as a missionary, a painful memory from his past drove him to strive for spiritual accomplishments through his own abilities. But when an unexpected band of natives emerged from the jungle and snatched him away, the frightened missionary came to learn a vital distinction: the difference between doing work for God and aligning oneself with the work of God.
  • The Pineapple Story: When missionary Otto Koning went to New Guinea, he was not prepared for the irritations he would experience. The local villagers had a cultural habit of stealing, and Otto soon realized that his possessions were disappearing! Otto describes the frustration he experienced when his “rights” were violated, and the freedom he gained when he yielded those rights to God.
  • The Snake Story: While missionary Otto Koning served among the animists and demon worshipers of New Guinea, a time came when he faced a terrorizing confrontation on the jungle trail. The locals believed the source of this confrontation was a snake. But in the midst of the frightening situation, the missionary discovered something far more dangerous.
  • The Greater Weapon Story: Among the dangers that missionary Otto Koning faced while serving in New Guinea was his terrifying interactions with a “machete happy” and “arrow happy” native duo: Sogho and Ketogho. These two men despised the missionary and his teaching, doing whatever they could to disrupt his work. But one day the tide turned unexpectedly, and Otto faced a decision between two opposing choices: to see his enemies’ demise or to extend a sacrificial act of kindness.

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