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On Asking God Why


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Elisabeth Elliot once said, “I seek the lessons God wants to teach me, and that means that I ask why.” We will never fully understand the ways of God, but that does not mean we cannot ask Him. When faced with sickness, death, and heartache, we often ask Him why He allows it to happen. Elisabeth tells us that God will answer, and that it is all right to question Him. She reminds us to put our trust in Him and to rely on His grace to take us through those difficult circumstances.

This book will greatly encourage your faith and renew your trust in your Savior as you seek Him in this journey of life.

By Elisabeth Elliot
Paperback; 169 pages
ISBN: 0-8007-3124-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-3124-3

Revell, 2006

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