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Grace for the Journey


  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Publisher: Principle Music, 1997

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The songs for this collection were chosen purposefully to depict the work grace has in a believer’s life. May these songs further the understanding and growth of grace in our lives, and may we experience and realize that the abundant life Jesus spoke of is a journey of grace.

This album features the Tillman Trio. Raised in Georgia, they developed a love for southern hospitality and the old-time southern melodies. Through their ministry in song, your spirits will be lifted by the bright and cheerful music on this album.

Track Titles

  1. In the Same Wonderful Way
  2. This World Is Not My Home
  3. Freely, Freely
  4. Water From the Rock
  5. Farther Along
  6. What Sins Are You Talking About?
  7. New Grace
  8. Living by Faith
  9. This is Just What Heaven Means to Me
  10. It’s Different Now
  11. The Color Song
  12. The Whippoorwill Song
  13. Heaven Medley
  14. Heaven’s Jubilee
  15. We’ll Never Say Goodbye

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