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Before You Now (CD)


  • Format: Audio CD
  • Length: 39 minutes
  • Publisher: Heart Publications, 2012

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Before You Now is the newest release from the Pettit Team. This collection of powerful songs is meant to draw our attention to Jesus Christ, the source of mercy and peace. You will be spiritually moved by the fresh, new and vibrant style of each of these songs.

Track Titles

  1. Shout to the North
  2. Immortal, Invisible
  3. Search Me, Know Me
  4. You Made Us Your Own
  5. I’ll Never Forsake You
  6. Jesus Saves
  7. Mercy Awaits
  8. Still, My Soul, Be Still
  9. Hail the Day
  10. Lord, Forgive Us
  11. Happy Land
  12. Christ is Able to Save

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